April – Gardening to-do List

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April Gardening Tips And To Do List Planning If you are buying your plant start with well-developed root systems that are vigorous, but not larger than the pot or area you are planting. Plan to attract hummingbirds to your garden this year by planting red or orange flowers. Make a layout of your garden this […]

March – Gardening to-do List

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March Gardening Tips And To Do List Depending on where you live – when your outside temperature allows you to be out and work in the soil.  Utilize the ideas below. Planning Look for bare-root trees with large root systems not top growth.  Keep in mind, size does not matter in tree size it is […]

February – Gardening to-do List

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February Gardening To Do List Incorporate this list into your gardening plans to help you determine the gardening tasks you need to accomplish this month. Planning Shop early for spring seeds.  Make sure to look for heirlooms.  Order tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, Design your vegetable beds, make sure to keep in mind any shady areas […]

January – Gardening Monthly to-do List

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It is that time of year when you really need to start thinking about what you are going to do in your garden so that you can have the most abundant harvest. Listed below are several tips that can really help you be prepared for the next growing season. January Planning Seed catalogs will be arriving. […]

Free Vegetable Gardening How-To Books and Guides

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After doing a ton of research on gardening ideas I stumbled upon this fabulous article that allows you to download several books and guides to help you in your garden this year. Enjoy! download here Learn how to grow and enjoy healthy and delicious vegetables in your backyard. Save a fortune on food costs and […]

Container Gardening


Container Gardening: 250 Design Ideas & Step-By-Step Techniques [Fine Gardening] on Amazon.com. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. For people who dont have space or time for traditional gardening and who need expert advice on choosing and using plants and containers to create their own container garden

Fall Leaves


 Fall Leaves With a chill in the air, and leaves falling all around us, fall is definitely upon us. This morning the kids were talking about how beautiful the leaves are outside and how they wanted to remember what they looked like. They didn’t want the leaves to fall on the ground only to be […]

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting   With all the rain we get in the Pacific North West, it is no wonder I am interested in harvesting Rainwater. On average the Pacific Northwest gets 30+ inches of rain per year, that being said, why on earth would I not find a way to harvest as much free water as […]

Practical Tips for Harvesting Vegetables

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  The reason for planting a garden is reaping the rewards that come during harvest time.  The last thing you want to do is wait too long and miss the optimal time to harvest.  Unfortunately there are not precise guidelines to harvesting, but luckily there are general rules.  Vegetables are best when harvested just before maturity […]


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