February – Gardening to-do List

February Gardening To Do List

Incorporate this list into your gardening plans to help you determine the gardening tasks you need to accomplish this month.


Shop early for spring seeds.  Make sure to look for heirlooms.  Order tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, Design your vegetable beds, make sure to keep in mind any shady areas to plant this spring and summer.


Plant bare-root vegetables such as artichoke, asparagus, horseradish, and rhubarb.

Handle seed packets carefully so that you do not break the seeds and destroy germination.

Start herb seeds now, they can be started in your own mini-greenhouse made from a plastic soda bottle or milk carton or any other way you choose.

Go to your local gardening center or farmers market, which will be great for buying seed potatoes and picking up growing tips. Store potatoes in a cool, light place to develop healthy green shoots for planting from March onwards.

Keep in mind that there is still time to plant garlic cloves.

Get ready for March with a cold frame which is essential for protection during fluctuating spring temperatures.

Short on growing space, try a raised bed or square foot garden. Raised beds cut back on digging and weeding – fill them with compost and get growing!


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