Flowers Just Because


Yesterday was a very long and tiring day. I had made myself a list (because I love lists and I love marking off completed tasks) of all the chores and things that I wanted to accomplish for the day.
As I got to the end of the day I realized that I had not completed one of the items on my list. I was discouraged and frustrated! So I called my mom to complain, isn’t that what we all do! She did what all mom’s would do and encouraged me, reminded me of all the good in my life and helped me through a “feel sorry for me moment!” She reminded me that I am raising four fabulous kids, and that doing that was better than any list I could check off! I agree that my kids are the best part of my life, I truly love them!
This morning when I was in the morning routine chaos, the doorbell rang, and there stood a random stranger with bright yellow bouquet of flowers from my mother.
The note read, “You do amazing things, enjoy some California sunshine.” Being that I am from San Diego, and now live in Seattle, those words are especially meaningful. I think mothers know exactly what their kids need. So all I want to say in this post is that I am grateful for my mom, for my children, for the simple everyday moments, and for flowers that can brighten a room, and give you the courage to move forward and keep trying.


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